Why Alkalize My Body?

“Remember when you were young? You shone like the sun!” – Gilmore, Waters, Wright

Why Alkalize The Body?

Do you remember how great you felt when you were young? How you arose in the morning full of energy and enthusiasm for the day? Most people would agree that we are in perfect health when we are very young. And most would also agree that the older we get, the less healthy and energetic we become.

Is Poor Health In Later Life “Normal”?

Many people believe that its all downhill after birth. They will tell you that getting less and less healthy as the decades pass is just “life”. But what if it’s our lifestyle, our choices, our actions and our habits that are responsible for our deteriorating health, our fading beauty and shriveling vitality? Could it be that we do it to ourselves?

“The older we get, the more acidic we become. This can primarily be explained by the decrease of minerals in the body that have the ever so important function to neutralize acids! In a chemical sense, getting older acidifies. At the same time, our brain, when aging or when affected by a previous pathology, becomes more sensitive to damage by acids. Therefore it is only natural that we see the majority of strokes and precipitating signs and symptoms in elderly people, and not in children and teenagers.” – Dr. P. Jentschura’s Book: Health By Purification

Our Bodies Can’t Match Our Capacity To Overload Them

As a general rule of thumb, fruits and vegetables have an alkalizing effect on our body chemistry. Sugar, chocolate, cake, candy, alcohol, pop, meat, tobacco, and drugs all have an acidifying effect. Honesty and common sense confirm this simple concept. When we consume too much that is acid forming in our bodies, it may seem (for a while) that we can get away with it. The reality is that over time, we overwhelm our body’s ability to get rid of these acids and toxins. Could it be true that your body is loaded with impurities from decades of living an acidic lifestyle? Would you agree that this is possible? It doesn’t feel good to see these things. That is why we have chosen to look away so many times. But there is good news, so please, read on with me.

Babies Develop In An Alkaline Environment

Consider for a moment, a tiny baby. Her skin is silky and soft. Her eyes are bright and clear, and she smells wonderful. Lean down and give her a kiss on the top of her head. Breathe in. MMMmmmmmmmmmm! Little babies smell so fresh! When we were babies, we spent about 9 months in our mother’s womb, floating in the amniotic fluid. Did you know that the pH of amniotic fluid in a healthy mother is about 8.5? Plain water has a pH reading of about 7. This means that a pre-born baby’s growth environment is alkaline, and we can be quite certain that there is a good reason for that.

Our Blood Also Just Happens To Be A Little Bit Alkaline

Blood is slightly alkaline and it’s regulated carefully to stay within the narrow pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. Our blood circulates throughout our body, carrying oxygen and other nutrients to our ~37 trillion cells. Our blood also carries away the waste products of healthy cell metabolism which include carbonic acid (CO2), urea and lactic acid.

Body pH Balance Is Critical To Our Survival

Our bodies are very sensitive to the pH level, so there are strong mechanisms built into us to protect it. If our blood pH were to drop below 7.35 (aka. acidosis) or rise above 7.45 (aka. alkalosis) there are very serious consequences! Proteins suffer damage and are digested. Enzymes cease to function properly. Death may occur.


The healthy balancing of body pH between acidity and alkalinity is called homeostasis. Besides pH, another example of homeostasis is the regulation of body temperature. Homeostasis is the state where conditions are kept stable and constant in the midst of changing external conditions. So babies develop in an alkaline environment. And our blood is carefully maintained to be slightly alkaline too. What does this mean? It means that mild fluid and tissue alkalinity is a primary requirement for a healthy human body.

How Does Lifestyle Affect Our Blood pH?

Well, now we know that our body will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to maintain a slight alkalinity in the blood. So the question is, how does it do that? How does it raise or lower the pH if things get out of hand? The fact is that alkalosis (pH too high) is very uncommon. Acidosis (pH too low) however, is another matter. It is altogether common, especially for people who have been eating processed food for decades. Our blood also functions as a buffer for metabolic acids – up to a point. Our body can get rid of acids and toxins via the kidneys, lungs and skin, but when these channels of waste elimination become overwhelmed, and/or if they are under functioning, the impurities begin to pile up fast. As this continues it leads to …


Think of the city you live in. It is like your body. Food is always entering the city on trucks, being consumed by the inhabitants, and the wastes are sent down the sewers. What would happen to the city if the sewers got clogged up. The waste would pile up, it would smell bad and disease and unhappiness would ensue. At that point, things start to get really bad. This is called Autointoxification. Remember the little baby? Parents may remember the day they hugged their young child of 7 years old or less, and noticed they are not smelling so fresh anymore. Pop, sugar, chips, white bread, lack of exercise, etc… all these are contributing to the production of more acids than our body can deal with.

“A pH value within the acid range shows the presence of excess acids or acidic ‘salts’. Then, of course, de-acidification is called for without delay. Everyone can do this by eating a diet rich in alkaline forming foods, i.e. mineral rich, and if needed, by taking alkaline supplements. Simultaneously, it is also important to use alkaline body care products as they also contribute to the alkalizing and de-acidification process. And last but not least, pure water should be drunk on a regular basis.” – Dr. P. Jentschura’s Book: Health By Purification

Symptoms Of Disease Are A Message

Smelly urine, sour breath, stinky feet, strong body odor. These symptoms indicate that our body is pushing out acids and toxins in huge quantities through our kidneys, lungs and skin. If these channels are at capacity, then what? Anything our body cannot get rid of, it must store. To protect the vital organs from toxic materials, our body first neutralizes acids and toxins by combining them with minerals to form a neutral salt. The neutral salt is then bound to water and fat so it can be stored. Where do these minerals come from? From our blood, skin, hair, teeth, bones and even our lungs and heart if necessary.

“The accumulation of impurities and toxic residues in the body with a concurrent depletion of minerals is what is called physical disease. Impurities lead to mineral deficiencies. The body in such a state is chemically hyper acidic, and susceptible to parasites.” – Dr. P. Jentschura’s Book: Health By Purification

Dr. Jentschura’s Triple Jump To Purification Program

The Triple Jump program has been developed as an easy and comfortable way to reverse the detrimental effects of years of acidic living. Along with his book, which explains the underlying concepts of alkaline body care in detail, Dr. Jentschura developed a line of products to support people to successfully heal themselves. Armed with this knowledge, these products are extremely effective tools, enabling you to comfortably and easily restore mental clarity, lose excess weight, repair damaged tissues and have an abundance of energy and happiness.

Triple Jump Step 1: Break Up Stored Deposits With AlkaHerb Tea

The three step program begins with using AlkaHerb 7×7 blood cleansing tea to start dissolving the toxic material that is stored in our tissues. Dr. Jentschura based his recipe on the life long research of a family of German naturopathic doctors from over 100 years ago. The AlkaHerb tea is made from 49 organic and wild crafted herbs. Its extremely effective in breaking apart stored toxins and acids in the tissues of your body. As the accumulated impurities are dissolved, they can move freely in the body fluids again. This prepares them to be released and flushed them away via the intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin. As these stored toxins and acids are released, along with them goes the water and fat which bound them together. Weight loss is a side effect of the detoxification process, since most fat is really just stored impurities in the body. Simply drink 2 cups of AlkaHerb daily, and for each cup consumed, be sure to drink a glass of water.

Triple Jump Program Step 2: Re-Mineralize With WurzelKraft

The 2nd step is eating WurzelKraft alkaline food granules to refill the mineral stores in our blood, skin, teeth, hair, bones and tissues. Our bodies buffer acidity with minerals, leading to mineral deficiency. This condition leads to tissue damage, and ultimately all symptoms of disease. As the acids and toxins recently released by AlkaHerb move freely in the body fluids, minerals are also needed to neutralize them for safe removal. WurzelKraft means literally, “The Power Of Roots”, and its made from the roots, seeds, flowers and leaves of 100 healing plants. Each one of these organic and wild crafted plants are carefully chosen to support optimum cell health. WurzelKraft contains every single mineral needed by the cells of your body. WurzelKraft tastes delicious, and it comes in a form that makes these vital minerals easily available for quick assimilation. Eating 6 teaspoons a day of WurzelKraft literally floods your system with all the mineral, vitamins and trace elements it is starving for!

Triple Jump Step 3: Expel Toxins & Acids With AlkaBath

The 3rd step is bathing with AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salts to enable quick and comfortable elimination of acids and toxins through the skin. Besides the kidneys, lungs, and intestines, your skin is a very large and effective organ of elimination. Dr. Jentschura’s simple yet ingenious approach to efficient elimination takes advantage of the large surface area of the skin. The hundreds of thousands of sweat and sebaceous glands are an easy and comfortable way to get rid of impurities. This is easily achieved while bathing in an alkaline solution (pH 8.5). Simply add 3 tablespoons of AlkaBath to your full bath (you can also use a smaller amount for foot baths), and soak as long as you can. By doing this, the body can expel huge amounts of harmful substances, offering us substantial relief in the form of better sleep, healthier skin, and much more. AlkaBath leaves your skin feeling silky, soft and clean like a baby’s skin, as well as optimizing your skin’s self-oiling function.

You Can Reclaim Your Strength, Energy, Beauty And Vibrant Health!

Are you willing to regain the radiant beauty and energy you used to have? Acids and toxins in your body, due to diet and lifestyle, are robbing you of your energy, beauty and vitality! And your body is constantly working to heal the damage caused by an acidic lifestyle. There are easy things you can do to help it. Start using Dr. Jentschura’s “Triple Jump To Purification” program! By doing so, you can quickly and easily help your body to begin to look and feel younger, healthier and more beautiful.

“I was skeptical at first, but I tried the bath salts one evening, and my skin cleared up almost completely that night! I was amazed… So then the next day I tried some of the WurzelKraft and I really enjoyed it. It tastes great, and I found that didn’t feel as hungry, even though I was eating less. My kids really like it too… Overall, I am feeling much more energetic and happy and clear headed. So I think its working well for me!” – Mike W.


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