Larisa Yurkiw’s Alkaline Success Story

The Canadian success story of downhill and super-G ski racer Larisa Yurkiw is truly inspiring. Born and raised in Ontario, Larisa began skiing at age 2 and went on to become Canadian National Junior Champion in downhill, giant slalom, and

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The Alkaline Body & Disease

Ever wonder about all the diseases people are suffering from? The very meaning of the word is “without ease”. The body is out of balance, and not functioning in a relaxed way. The body is not at ease because it

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How To Eat Right

Almost everything you have been told about how to eat right is not true! Low fat diets are wrong. Saturated fats are very healthy if they are the right kind. Meat, butter, cheese and eggs are nourishing, if you buy

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What Causes Arthritis?

Over 50 million adults in North America have arthritis, and 2/3 are women. There are so many people I know who suffer from arthritis. Some are just getting affected by the early stages, and others with really advanced conditions. From

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What Can I Do To Lose Weight?

When I was posting about Aging Gracefully, I came across this video from the retired professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page. He has some very inspiring videos of people who he helped to dramatically transform with his own brand of yoga.

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Aging Gracefully & Your Last Ten Years

What will your last 10 years look like? Will you be quick enough for a game of tag with your grandchild? Strong enough to embrace every moment? Will you grow old with vitality, or get old with disease? Its time

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What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain?

Unintentional weight gain is one of the fastest growing health problems in North America. The list of diseases caused by obesity is long, and is topped by heart failure and its precursors. But what causes weight gain? There are obvious

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How To Become Healthy In 3 Simple Steps

If you really want to be healthy, there are just 3 things you must commit to. These 3 things are not extreme or even very difficult. They are not complicated at all. They are just plain and simple common sense,

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Dry Skin Brushing Benefits & How To Do It

Brushing regularly stimulates your body to release toxins through your skin. This is one of your skin’s main functions. Dry skin brushing is a highly effective way to keep your whole body clean and free of discomfort, and has many

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How To Get Pregnant: My Fertility Story

If you’re asking yourself how to get pregnant, then you might find the experience of my wife and I very interesting. You see, a decade ago we had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half without

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