How To Eat Right

Grapes are part of how to eat right!

Almost everything you have been told about how to eat right is not true!

Low fat diets are wrong. Saturated fats are very healthy if they are the right kind. Meat, butter, cheese and eggs are nourishing, if you buy the kind that comes from organic fed, free ranging, antibiotic and hormone free animals.

Low carb diets aren’t much better. Its ok to eat carbs if you choose healthy ones. Whole grains like millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and rice which are grown organically without pesticides are important sources of carbohydrates and vital minerals.

Common Sense vs Extremes

Extremes are not the way. The keys to how to eat right lie in quality and balance.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are what people have been eating for millennia. Meat and fish have been and still are important sources of protein. Whole grains are good for your body. It doesn’t take a focus group or PhD to understand these concepts.

Today’s food companies make huge profits from processed foods with sugar as their first or second ingredient. They are the ones paying for “scientific research” supporting confusing dietary abominations like “low fat” and “low carb” diets.

If “carbs” are defined as sugary processed foods, then yes, cut these out of your diet. Go through your cupboards right now, and throw out all that so called food. It is making you old too fast. Read the labels when you shop and buy only simple, unadulterated foods that your grandparents would have eaten. Whole foods that were produced by people who are coming from a good place.

If “fats” are deep fried, margarine, pastries and doughnuts, then yes, cut these poisons out of your diet. They are making you sick.

How To Eat Right

The simplest way to eat right, is known as an alkaline diet. What is an alkaline diet? An alkaline diet is simply choosing alkaline forming foods in the proportions of 70% alkaline to 30% acid forming. This kind of eating gives your body what it needs to be healthy and vibrant. An alkaline diet helps your body to recover from past imbalances from poor dietary choices.

Eat simple, whole foods. Drink plenty of water. Get regular, vigorous exercise.

Avoid processed foods. Avoid low quality, industrially generated foods. Put your TV out with the trash.

Hang Out With Healthy People

Make an effort to connect with people who you know are making healthy choices in their lives. Their company will activate the same in you.

Read more about how to eat right in my article: How to become healthy in 3 simple steps! Check out some of my alkaline diet videos. Read Dr. Jentschura’s book Health By Purification and…

Have a great healthy day!

Signed, Stephan

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