Larisa Yurkiw’s Alkaline Success Story

The Canadian success story of downhill and super-G ski racer Larisa Yurkiw is truly inspiring.

Born and raised in Ontario, Larisa began skiing at age 2 and went on to become Canadian National Junior Champion in downhill, giant slalom, and slalom.

In 2009, a high speed crash resulted in numerous devastating tears to her left knee, which kept her out of competition for 2 years. Eventually, she was also cut from the Canadian Alpine Team.

Larisa was undaunted by these setbacks however, and hired coach Kurt Mayr who put her on Dr. Jentschura’s Triple Jump 3 step alkaline diet program.

Before and after blood pictures revealed that Larisa’s blood health significantly improved within a period of only a few weeks. The Jentschura program, years of rehab and an unshakeable determination paid off for Larisa.

In January 2014, she posted a career-best finish at a world cup event in Altenmarkt, Austria. With this spectacular achievement, she won back her spot on the Canadian National Team, and the chance to represent Canada in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi!

Unfortunately, Larisa was injured again in a practice run in Sochi, and subsequently ranked 20th in the women’s downhill event with a time of 1:43:46. She didn’t finish in the super-G.

But Larisa’s comeback from impossible odds both inspired and captured the hearts of Canadians everywhere.

Wherever life takes you next Larisa, we salute you and wish you all the best!

Have a great healthy day!

Signed, Stephan

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