The Alkaline Body & Disease

Ever wonder about all the diseases people are suffering from? The very meaning of the word is “without ease”. The body is out of balance, and not functioning in a relaxed way. The body is not at ease because it is in reaction to an acidic lifestyle. An alkaline body is at ease because it is in balance in every way.

Acidic Body Or Alkaline Body?

Too much acid generating food and drink, too much stress and not enough fresh air and exercise. These factors create an acidic instead of an alkaline body. These are the main factors which throw off the natural balance in our bodies.

Animals Have Alkaline Bodies

On a purely physical level, we are just like the animals. Do animals in their natural environment eat junk food, drive cars everywhere and get really stressed out at day jobs? No way! They are out in fresh air running and jumping, eating fresh food and otherwise relaxing. Everything they do contributes to an alkaline body and vibrant health and energy.

Acidic Lifestyle Makes Acidic Bodies

We, on the other hand eat and drink many acid forming, heavily processed foods like coffee, pop and white flour products each day. Instead of walking or biking to work, we drive and many of us spend hours sitting behind the wheel of our car each day. We ride the elevator instead of taking the stairs. Our jobs are often sedentary and stressful. Watching TV in the evenings can also be intense and very stimulating. This kind of living creates an acidic body.

Live In Harmony With Nature

For millions of years, human beings lived as hunter-gatherers. A few hours work each day gathering and preparing food. Plenty of fresh air and exercise. Plenty of meeting and being together. Connecting. Relaxing together. Playing with their children and teaching them. If you look closely at how indigenous people live in their natural environment, you will see that they are in harmony with nature.

The acidic North American lifestyle is unhealthy. It does not lend itself to bringing balance in a person. It prevents the possibility of an alkaline body.

Have You Suffered Enough?

By making a commitment to change, we can make different choices and bring balance to our lives. It is not that hard, if you are ready. Have you suffered enough?

Make The Change!

Changing your diet to 70% alkalizing foods and beverages can make a huge difference to your health! Regular aerobic exercise is a must!

Join The Club!

Join the Alkaline Diet Club and learn about the alkaline way of living. There are so many benefits waiting for you including weight loss, looking and feeling younger, increased happiness, less stress, longer and healthier life. The list is endless.

But it’s up to you to take the first step. Join the club today, and begin to discover how the alkaline lifestyle can help you to heal any disease and build up beauty, health and energy.

Have a great healthy day!

Signed, Stephan

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2 comments on “The Alkaline Body & Disease
  1. Valerie says:

    I need help lowering my blood pressure.

  2. Jamie says:

    I just started this process, so I’m learning as I go. I took my morning coffee (of which I drink very little) and tested it’s acidity. It came out around 6.2. Does that sound right? then I put about a 1/4 tsp of baking soda in it and it tested alkaline ( I didn’t compare it to the chart but it was dark) It doesn’t seem to affect the taste at all. Is this a viable solution?

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