Alkaline Diet Videos

What Causes Arthritis?

There are so many people I know who suffer from arthritis. Some are just getting affected by the early stages, and others with really advanced conditions. From the annoyance of a little joint pain to twisted fingers, limited mobility and continuous pain. There is much focus on how to cope with the pain, and little focusing on root causes.

Causes Of Weight Gain

Unintentional weight gain is one of the fastest growing health problems in North America. The list of diseases caused by obesity is long, and is topped by heart failure and its precursors. But what causes weight gain? There are obvious factors like the food you eat, and some less obvious including stress and lack of sleep. But all these factors are part of a larger picture.

How To Get Pregnanct: My Fertility Story

If you’re asking yourself how to get pregnant, then you might find the experience of my wife and I very interesting. You see, a decade ago we had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half without success when we discovered the work of Dr. Jentschura. After working with his program for 6 months, my wife became pregnant, and we had 2 babies in 11 months!

Raw Juices Are Pure Nourishment

Did you know that every one of the trillions of cells in your body is a whole, living entity that has it’s own metabolic process? Your cells need a constant and sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to thrive. This means that we need to give our bodies the right kind of treatment. We are the decision makers!

Don’t Be A Cheapo – Invest In Your Health

There is no better investment than your healthy future. Organic food is more expensive, but its worth it. A latte is 4 or 5 bucks and its extremely acid forming. Car maintenance is costly, but we don’t hesitate to take care of that. Spend money on your health and buy the best quality food you can get! The return on your investment will be a long, happy and healthy life!

Can Coffee Be Alkalizing?

A very common question from people who are curious about the alkaline diet is “Can I still have a cup of coffee on the alkaline diet?” The good news is you can still have coffee, and the bad news is that it is very acidic. Here are a couple of tips you can use to balance the acidity that results from drinking coffee.

Introducing The Alkaline Lifestyle

We’ve been taught that doctors will fix our health, but the acidic North American lifestyle makes us sick. Everybody knows really deep down inside that our health & happiness is our own responsibility. If you want to be healthy and happy for the rest of your life, even when you’re old, the read Dr. Jentschura’s book Health By Purification. He gives a very detailed explanation of how you can live to a ripe old age in perfect happy health.