What Causes Arthritis?

Over 50 million adults in North America have arthritis, and 2/3 are women.

There are so many people I know who suffer from arthritis. Some are just getting affected by the early stages, and others with really advanced conditions. From the annoyance of a little joint pain to twisted fingers, limited mobility and continuous pain. There is much focus on how to cope with the pain, and little focusing on root causes.

As with every ailment, the question of what is causing it is the most interesting part for me. When we discover the cause of a problem, we can have a real chance to fully recover in the quickest way possible.

Acceptance & Coping

Most people get told by their doctor that their painful condition is actually arthritis. Then the go home and say to themselves, their family and their friends, “I have arthritis.” They may try to cope by taking an over-the-counter analgesic like acetaminophen for the pain, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen.

These drugs are really acid forming in the body, and neither of them address the causes of arthritis.
People often try to take vitamins and supplements to “fix” osteoarthritis such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates. Again, these products actually do nothing to address the cause. We have to look deeper than relief of the symptoms if we wish to find the real and lasting solution to the problem.

What Causes Arthritis?

The answer to the question is the acidic, North American lifestyle. What causes arthritis is an overflow of acids and toxins from poor food choices over decades, and these acids and toxins are breaking down the body.

Too much sugary drinks and sweetened, processed foods. Too much meat. Too much milk. Too much alcohol. Too much coffee and black teas. Too much gluten and white flour products in our diet. The body is literally corroding, and the location of the damage is determined by your genetics. Wherever you are the weakest is where the symptoms are found. The cartilages in the joints are calcifying and starved for nutrients at the same time. Quite understandably, this makes for painful joints.

The Acidic North American Lifestyle

The cause of arthritis is the build-up over decades of poor eating and exercising habits, as well as a habitually stressful, frustrating lifestyle. It takes time to change the underlying condition, but what other action could you take that would be more meaningful? The way to begin is with a balanced diet of 70% alkaline foods.

What Is An Alkaline Diet?

If you’re wondering just what is an alkaline diet, then click here to read my article about it.

Dr. Jentschura’s Dr. Jentschura’s Triple Jump To Purification is a very simple and common sense plan to help your body do what it is designed to do: Eliminate toxins and acids and build healthy tissues.

Its easy to understand that it will take time to undo decades of mistaken dietary and fitness choices, but rest assured, if you give the alkaline lifestyle a chance for 3-6 months, you will see positive results not just for your arthritis, but is almost every area of your life!

The first step in the Triple Jump program is alkaline bathing with AlkaBath Alkaline Purification Bath Salts. To understand how alkaline bathing works, and why Dr. Jentschura’s methods are so important and effective, please read Why Alkalize My Body? for a complete explanation.

Join The Club & Stay Connected

So there you have it. The mystery of arthritis is really just decades of bad lifestyle. Your lifestyle is created from your moment by moment choices, and you are the one who decides what you’ll choose. Its all in your hands. Take a minute to Join The Club. I’ll send you weekly inspiration and resources, and together we can heal your body, and make your life into a paradise of health and happiness.

Have a great healthy day!

Signed, Stephan

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One comment on “What Causes Arthritis?
  1. jingjing Luo Haven says:

    Hi, that’s not true about bad life style causes arthritis. I have been suffered from arthritis since I was 20. My life diet is a pure organic diet without much carbs or meats especially resisted sugar for decades. But still! Pain is still there. No matter what alkaline diet I take.

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